Course FAQ

Why Should I Choose John Mertz and the AZ Dyslexia Correction Center for my Course?

  • Coping with dyslexia myself means that I can truly relate with my clients. More About John Mertz
  • Some of my own children have dealt with attention and reading issues in life. This has given me real life experience with the challenges that these conditions present to parents.
  • As an Arizona state licensed habilitationist for 15 years, I have worked with a range of disabilities such as blindness, deafness and Down’s syndrome. Working with the disabled has been a great help to me in understanding people who have special needs. I currently work in the Arizona State school system.
  • My course costs are much lower than many of my colleagues around the US. Cost
  • I am willing to travel to your location if requested. Locations
  • Don’t take my word for it – read what my students and their parents say about the course. Their words say it all. Testimonials

Is Your Course for Children or Adults?

I work with both children and adults. To date my youngest student was age 8 and my oldest was age 56. Most of my students have been in the 8-12 age range. Although I personally took the course at age 46 and it changed my life. When I work with children I also help their parents to see how they can continue to use the methods at home.

Can these methods help children with attention focus problems or hyperactivity?

Yes. I have worked extensively with children with these challenges, including my own children.

Can I do this program on my own, just by reading a book?

The degree of success, of course, varies depending on the abilities and level of motivation of the students and their helpers. I believe they will have better success by working with a professional who is trained and has experience working with others.

While parents may be able to use the methods on their own to assist their children, in my experience children do not always respond well to being taught solely by their parents. A neutral, respected person in the role as teacher has more success.

I act as your educator, counselor as well as your motivator – to be sure you are successful.