Testimonials From Our Students

Likely you have already tried many methods to work with dyslexia, perhaps with disappointing results.

Read what my students (and their parents) say about our course to give you the confidence that this method really does work.

These quotes are directly from emails and letters I have received.

We are happy to provide you with references so you can speak with students about their experience with the AZ Dyslexia Correction Center course.

“John, Thank you for sharing your giftedness with our son James. You are excellent at what you do and in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your own struggles and insights as well as your expertise as a facilitator. We have felt welcomed and cared for and equipped to help James succeed in mastering his own gift. Thank you for modeling honesty, compassion, respect and excellence to our son. You are a part of our family now and we are grateful…..I found 2 facilitators an hour and a half away from us but when I spoke with them on the phone it just didn’t seem like the people James needed to go to. I then looked up places near my mother in Arizona and found you! I called an office in California to ask their advice on going to a dyslexic facilitator versus a non-dyslexic facilitator and they confirmed my feelings of it being a great advantage to go to someone who was dyslexic as well. So I called and emailed you right away and I knew that we had found the person James needed to mentor him”

-L. J.

Hi John, Justin is doing great so great in his reading and comprehension. His MTA teacher couldn’t believe the marked improvement. Thank you so much for your help this past summer.


“Dear Mr. Mertz, …This course helped my daughter not only read, comprehend, and write better, it helped her to know God answers prayers, to be patient with herself, and it boosted her self esteem. Her spelling is improved by leaps and bounds. It was a godsend when we met you because you understood how Carrie sees things and her frustration with academics. This program really turned her world around and has impacted our lives positively. Thank you so much.”

– C. W.

“John Mertz, as a dyslexic himself, is an excellent tutor, able to understand what struggling students are going through. He truly cares about his students and their progress. He was very effective working with my son who had already developed the “dyslexic shuffle” – – a little bag of tricks to avoid difficult work. John helped both of my boys tremendously with their reading, and I highly recommend him.”


“I just needed to let you know – – Ilusha read a whole book without me giving him a single word!! This is the first time he has read something without me having to tell him words and having him get really mad at me……I talked to (another parent) and she was concerned that her son would “stonewall” and not want to push himself when he comes to see you, but I told her of Ilusha’s experience and the value of the fact that you have “been there”. You can be kind and compassionate, but also draw the line when it needs to be drawn, and also identify where the behaviors are coming from. I think if nothing else (although I know there will be a lot of value from our time in Tucson), watching you identify the behaviors and then deal with them was incredibly valuable. Knowing things have been hard for him in the past, makes it easy to be too easy on him now. “

– C.B.

“Thank you from all of us!!! You can truly take pride in what you are doing. It is not very often that people are able to find their place in life, you certainly have. Please keep up this important work. The world needs people like you.”


“Dear John, I would just like to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for our daughter Aubrey and for our family. Aubrey loved every minute of her time with you. The first thing we noticed was the confidence she felt after working with you. That was our immediate reward. But it was only the beginning!

She started reading better and better. She still struggles, but at this point she can sit down and read a 150 page book (not including pictures) such as Jack London’s White Fang in two days. Today as she finished her book she said, “I love to read! I wish I could read all day for school”.

I think the best part for us is that she now has a future and dreams and hopes for her future. Before being able to read, she could not see a future for herself. I would ask her what she wanted to do when she grew up. No answer. What her goals were for 1 year, 5 year, 10 years etc. She would just cry. She had no vision of the future. No hopes. Without being able to read, she couldn’t imagine driving. Without being able to read – and being embarrassed about that, she couldn’t imagine being independent enough to go anywhere later in life without her mom and dad. Getting married and starting a family – unimaginable! Getting a job? No way!

She is now imagining herself actually growing up! She talks of driving cars and dating. She wants to dress like a 12 year old. She tries new hair styles all the time. This was stuff that she just didn’t do before you worked with her.

A whole new door has been opened to her. It opens wider for her all the time and her future looks brighter and more exciting to her all the time. We know she’s got a lot of catching up to do. But now she’s willing.

We are so grateful to you, John. Thanks is not enough for what you’ve given Aubrey.”


“John has really changed my life with the program and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I wish that anyone with Dyslexia complete the program so that way they don’t have to experience what I had to go through for those long 3 years. Coming from someone that has dyslexia and that has done the program I can seriously say that it works with amazing success. Do take advantage of this program.”